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Keeping Children Healthy - The Spinal Column: Lee Hazen, D.C.

Keeping Children Healthy

As parents, always concerned for the health of our children, I thought it prudent to suggest some health tips which I have found beneficial with respect to keeping the children who visit our practice healthy.


Thirty minutes a day of moderately intense activity outside of doors will serve to effectively build strong bones, a healthy cardiovascular system, and assure that the child gets adequate sunshine and vitamin D.

In the winter, our homes or schools may be poorly ventilated, with overheated rooms that can be breeding grounds for viruses which are easily spread amongst the occupants. All the more reason to get out as much as possible.

Wash your hands

A Purdue University study demonstrated that people who wash their hands with soap and water frequently throughout the day are one-third less likely to catch a cold. An important caveat, however, is to avoid soaps that contain antibacterial agents. Although it may seem like a good idea to kill all the germs and bacteria, the detrimental effects of these cleaners may very well outweigh their benefits. First, there are friendly bacteria which play an important role as protectors against the bad germs. Another important concern is that of creating more resistant mutatio