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Tips for Staying Motivated When You’re Trying to Change Your Life

Have you ever overhauled your pantry, started a new exercise routine, or tried meditating every day? Change is hard, and staying motivated when you’re making big lifestyle shifts can be one of the biggest obstacles preventing new habits from sticking.

Thrive Market member Melissa can relate. Earlier this year she partnered with Andrea, an integrative dietitian, to start transforming her body, mind, and spirit from the inside out. Melissa’s been adjusting her eating habits and keeping her pantry stocked with healthy ingredients, but some days are harder than others. We checked in with Melissa to to have an honest conversation about what’s working and what’s been difficult. Here are her biggest challenges, plus some creative solutions she’s discovered along the way!

Challenge #1: Addressing emotional ties to food

When Melissa started her journey, it meant saying goodbye to past comfort foods and replacing them with alternatives. “I had to rewrite the script for how to enjoy healthy options with the same enthusiasm as the unhealthy versions.” Melissa decided to start with a cleanse, which she says helped her reset her body and “free it from the sugar demon!”

Challenge #2: Focusing on exercise