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Patient lost 28 lbs, 6 dress sizes (and still going!) without exercise by following Dr. Lundquist&#3

It's hard to say anything other than....WOW!! and Congratulations to Rania Dababneh!

She has proved that what goes into your body matters. After going through a metabolic detox and making signifiant lifestyle changes her body is getting back into balance. She has more energy and vitality than she has had in years and we wanted to share her success story with you!!

How did this all happen?

Rania came to the Temecula Center for Integrative Medicine and visited with Dr. Lundquist back in February of 2016 weighing 227 lbs. and complaining of pain in her joints, achy bones, bloating in her stomach, severe intestinal issues, and just not feeling well. Dr. Lundquist immediately recommended that she make some simple lifestyle changes and go through a 28 day metabolic detoxification program.

Raina was excited to get started! She knew that it was going to be challanging, but she was tired of feeling sick and she knew that with the help of Dr. Lundquist and the TCIM team, she felt that it was the perfect time to finally make some changes.

Dr. Lundquist's recommended that she cut out all processed foods and avoid certain food types that may be contributing to her inflammation and overall poor health.

She immediately stopped eating gluten, dairy, refined/processed foods, sugar, and grains. She begin eating tons of vegetables, fruit, healthy fats, nuts, seeds, and certain lean meats. The transformation was almost instant. After the 28 day detox she had already lost 13 lbs and was feeling much better!!

Losing weight was just a positive side effect of getting her body back into balance and giving it the nutrition that it needed to function properly. The human body has a remarkable ability to heal itself, and when you are able to remove harmful toxins and detoxify your body at a cellular level people begin to notice a significant shift in their overall health and energy levels.

Dr. Lundquist also felt that Raina would benefit from receiving IV therapy at TCIM and she received several Myers cocktail therapies that she feels really contributed to her health transformation.

As of today, (May 16th, 2017) Rania is down to 199 lbs. and still dropping! That is a total weight loss of 28 lbs. and she has gone from a size 16 to a size 9-10! She has done all of this without implementing a significant exercise program. Rania's job is very demanding and she doesn't have a lot of time to exercise, but this just goes to show that what goes into your body is enough to lose weight. Exercise is great, but for those that are unable to exercise losing weight and feeling amazing is still possible.

Rania is exited to do begin another 28 day detox starting in July, and can't wait to continue to lose weight and build on the healthy foundation she has created.

We are so excited for her! Great Job Rania!!!!

For More Information about a Metabolic Detox Click Here:

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